Fees for Applicants

Our commitment to transparency across all our services assures you that we have no hidden fees or clauses to catch you by surprise before and during your tenancy. We are here to providing a cost effective and convenient approach to finding the perfect property that suits your needs & budget.

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Upon application

Includes: Referencing, Credit checks, Administration costs, Preparation of tenancy agreement and Depositing of deposit into approved scheme. This will also include the cost of any Guarantor references (if required).

Please note for company applicant the directors will also have to be referenced as well as the company. This will result in a fee of £300.00 + VAT = £360.00

Once you see a property you like you shall be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of £500.00 to secure the option to rent the property – This is NOT an additional fee and will be deducted from the sums due.

Once your application has been accepted by the landlord, should you withdraw your application or not move in on the agreed date or if the tenancy fails to proceed due to false, incomplete or inaccurate information provided in the tenancy application such as undeclared CCJ’s, failure to disclose receipt of Housing Benefits, your fees and reservation monies then become non-refundable.

All fees are only refundable should Oyster Properties or the Landlord reject your application.

Should you have pets we will require the landlords approval. If the landlord is happy to accept pets in the property there will be an additional fee payable.

This fee covers the cost of amending our standard contracts

Payable on signing the Tenancy Agreement

The total sum of one months rent for the agreed property

The deposit is usually set at 1.5 times the monthly rent however tis may be higher depending on the property and you shall be advised on the exact amount prior to you committing to the property.

Any balance of fees due less the £500.00 reservation deposit. Any overpayments by you will be credited against the deposit payable.

Fees which may apply during the tenancy

  • For Property Check in / check out
  • Arranged Inspection
  • Arranged with contractors for access to property for Maintenance / Repairs/ Delivery of goods

If any appointment is arranged and either access is not given / prevented  or appointment is missed an abortive fee / call out charge will apply

During the course of the tenancy it may be possible, subject to the landlord’s approval and references, for an individual named tenant to be added, removed or replaced by another. Oyster Properties charge an admin fee to cover the time and costs involved in implementing the change which includes references, drawing up a new tenancy agreement, re-registering deposits & updating records.

Oyster Properties reserves the right to charge if we have to chase any arrears of rent. The fee will apply if rent is more than 7 days in arrears:

An additional fee of £100.00 + VAT (£120.00) will be charged if it becomes a neccessity to instruct solicitors

It may be possible to terminate the tenancy agreement, subject to the landlords consent, prior to the agreed term and not in accordance with any break-clause. If consent is granted Oyster Properties shall charge an early termination fee in order to end the tenancy agreement.

When a letter to obtain Visas is required. This is Subject to both the Landlords approval and receiving valid immigration status from the Home Office.

Rent should be paid either by standing order or online transfer.

Additional Fees will apply if it paid by:

  • Debit Card: Free
  • Cash: 2% + VAT
  • Cheque: £10
  • Credit Card: Not Accepted

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