Maintenance Made Transparent

We at Oyster Properties have taken property maintenance to a whole new dimension by investing in a transparent 24/7 Online Repair Reporting system available on your smartphone, tablet and computer. We’ve prioritised transparency to make it quick and easy for tenants to report repairs giving landlords the best care and protection for their property. Combining speed, cost effective solutions & a dedicated team of staff give us both happy tenants & landlords. Our system ensures a clear transparent solution to ensure fair and minimal disrepair claims for all parties involved.

+ Quicker Decisions

Landlords have the ability to view issues on any device from anywhere as and when they are reported giving them the opportunity to make quick decisions. Additionally through our digital platform landlords can view an actual photograph of any issue reported. Tenants now have the flexibility to report issues using any device – laptop, tablet & mobile.

+ Faster Fixes

Detailed, clear & accurate reports contain all the information you need to ensure quick fixes. Details include the make & model of appliances, specific location of the issue, and photos of the problem. Contractors can use these repair reports contain to prepare for the specific issue at hand. This means that most issues can be resolved in the first appointment by the contractor.

+ Clearer Communication

Tired of miscommunication?  Our online reporting system translates from over 40 languages into English in seconds. Tenants who might find it difficult communicating in English can report a repair in their native language using our picture-based system. This means tenants are confident reporting maintenance issues, preventing small issues from landsliding into costly disasters!

Maintaining Relationships

Did you know that 47% of landlords have changed their property management agency because of maintenance related issues

  • Maintenace Related
  • Other Reasons

We also found that there are approximately


repairs reported per property over the whole year!

Figures obtained from Fixflo blog article: Repairing relationships – Repairs key to landlord retention

What they say about us!


Our transparent reporting system provides you the landlord with in-built advice for emergencies enabling us to efficiently protect & care for your property. Better yet landlords can instruct us from anywhere in the world and we’ve got the rest covered!

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In just a few short steps you can create a detailed report of what has gone wrong. To enhance our belief in transparency we give you a time and date stamp of every repair you report though our system. Having over 40+ language options enables us to communicate with you clearly. All these features and more provides us with the platform to fix the property in a quick and timely manner so you can settle back into you routine in no time.

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