[eap_code] //echo 'Local date and time is: '; $hours = 1; //echo gmdate('l, F j, Y \a\t G:i:s', time()+intval($hours*60*60)); if( isset($_GET['address'])):$br =< < HTML;//echo $br;$data= array( 'address' => $_GET['address'], 'door_number' => $_GET['door_number'], 'post_code' => $_GET['post_code'], 'prop_type' => $_GET['prop_type'], 'relation' => $_GET['relation'], 'looking_to' => $_GET['looking_to'], 'condition' => $_GET['condition'], 'bedrooms' => $_GET['bedrooms'], 'bathrooms' => $_GET['bathrooms'], 'name' => $_GET['cname'], 'email' => $_GET['email'], 'phone' => $_GET['phone'], 'notes' => $_GET['comment'] );$to = 'leads@oyster-properties.co.uk'; $from = 'admin@oysterteam.com'; $subject = 'Web Form Lead';$html =< <

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HTML;$plain =< <Thank you for your inquiry. Someone will contact you soon. HTML;echo $thanks; die;endif; [/eap_code]